About Us

Our Story

Kush & Kemet® is a creative studio that aims at building internationally competitive brands and products out of small businesses and ideas.

Our team is comprised of highly experienced creatives from all across East Africa – each one a master of their craft and with a shared passion for supporting local businesses and entrepreneurs. Much as the studio has only recently been fully registered (March 2020), the team has been working together in our various capacities under the same name for  close to 3 years.

The name ‘Kush & Kemet’ was inspired by the greatness off the old Nile Valley civilizations of North and Eastern Africa – ‘Kush’ and ‘Kemet’ merely being much older names of the region. The Valley was home to some of the world’s most advanced civilizations. Kush & Kemet started out as an idea to reflect those advancements i.e. to ‘awaken’ fellow young African entrepreneurs and creatives to the potential we all possess.

The idea was to use creative tools to solve our problems and find ways to propel our economies forward. This dream slowly morphed into a creative agency with the same goal – to support and promote young local African creators, entrepreneurs and organizations by providing creative solutions.

Working on big-brand names like Jameson Irish Whiskey (Ireland), KWV Wines (S.A), Beefeater Gin (U.K) and others has provided us with a unique set of skills and broadened our minds to what is possible, especially in regard to building solid brands and campaigns to market them. So whether you are looking to introduce a new product into the region or just building one from the ground-up, we will provide you with the right tools and work hand-in hand with your crew to see that you big idea is not only a success but also goes further and beyond projected expectations.



To become a leader in creative service provision in Uganda, East Africa and beyond.

To provide world-class creative solutions for primarily local businesses and entrepreneurs across East Africa and beyond.

Our Core Values


Finding innovative solutions to problems comes easy – this means that no matter how difficult a project is, the team will always find a way to improvise hence bringing real value to our client.


We have found that including clients in the design process leads to much more customized results and also allows them to fully understand the ins-and-outs of their new brand.


Each one of our crew-mates loves what they do. We give our 100% because as much as what we do is work, it also started out as a hobby.